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Domestic Short Hair


About Me

Type: Domestic Short Hair

DOB: 1st December 2019

Sex: Male

Colour: White

Adoption Fee: $100.00

My Biography

Our special boy Soul 🐾
Precious Soul is looking for his soulmate! This adorable boy will just capture your heart within seconds.

Soul has a disability called “Cerebellar Hypoplasia” which is basically neurological condition where the cerebellum is either smaller than usual or not fully developed and in return causes balance issues.

Despite that, he is just too cute with his little wobbles and puts in an impressive effort when playing and running around the house, he even still manages to jump up on the couch and is just as happy and loving life as any other cat out there!

Soul really loves your company and would like his family to be around a lot for love and support. He also really enjoys his fluffy beds and blankets as they really comfort him. Soul is excited to find his purrfect human that will love him no matter what and is able to cater to all his needs.


Medical notes

Soul has a disability called “Cerebellar Hypoplasia” which is basically neurological condition where the cerebellum is either smaller than usual or not fully developed and in return causes balance issues.

– No stairs
– No dogs
– No kids as he wouldn’t be able to defend himself from any rough treatment and he can be a bit rough with his claws because he doesn’t have the best control.
– Carer mentioned she has never tripped over a cat as much as she has with Soul so probably not suited to the elderly.
– Only friendly/submissive cat friends, no cats that will possibly bully him because he can’t defend himself at all,
– He needs help grooming/cleaning
– Needs someone who is home a fair bit because he really likes company, patience is definitely important
– Willing to commit to feeding him small meals regularly because otherwise he just gorges and then if he goes too long in between meals he vomits from hunger.
– Needs more than a standard litter box. He currently has storage containers with doors cut out with pipe edging (carer has said she’s willing to make one for his adopter to go with him 🙂 )
– Needs to be fed from plates that are raised off the ground a bit so he finds it easier to balance while he eats.


Legal Disclaimer

Central Queensland Animal Society Inc is a registered Animal Rescue and we do so in accordance with the relevant legislation. BIN0005415666147

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CQASI Adoption Policy

All adoption enquiries must be submitted via our adoption form. Due to the high volume of animals on death row, our own families, and paid jobs, we endeavour to answer your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We encourage all adopters to meet their new addition before committing to adoption. This gives you a chance to see if the animal might be a good fit, and also to introduce them to your other animals. Just like we don’t expect all humans to get along, we expect the same for animals.

All our adoptions tend to be local, but we have connections all over QLD so are more than happy to consider all serious adoption enquiries. A house/yard check will be done if we can get a local member (if adoption enquiry is not Rockhampton based) to assist.

All our animals have a two week trial period. This gives your new addition time to settle into your family life and to give you a chance to ensure they are exactly what you want. If they are not settling in then we will arrange to take them back into care and you will be refunded the adoption fee. If after the two weeks they are exactly what you dreamed then we will send you all their paperwork including sterilisation certificate, vaccination certificate and microchip transfer form.

Please note that we will be treating any potential adoption with the upmost care as the animals safety and welfare is our number one priority.

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