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Hi! I am ready to find my new furever home. Have a look at my bio and details and fill in the adoption enquiry form.
Short Hair 



About Me

Type: Bull Arab

Age: 1 Year

Sex: Female

Kids under 5: Yes

Kids 5 – 12: Yes

Other cats: Untested

Other dogs: Yes

Other animals: Untested

Adoption Fee: $350.00


My Biography

Pippa is a very sweet and affectionate soul, give her loads of cuddles and you will have the key to her heart. She loves her cuddles, wanting to spend as much of the day with her humans as she can to get the most cuddles she can. Pippa loves sleeping next to her humans and loves to be your snuggle buddy. Whether you are cosying up on the couch to watch some tv or lying in bed reading, this girl will be curled up right beside you. Pippa is a very placid and chilled out pupper.

All this girl wants to do is find a nice cosy spot next to her humans, or even a canine friend, to sleep in. Pippa has been working on learning and perfecting her basic commands of ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’ and ‘wait’. Pippa is, however, deaf. As she has learnt specific hand signals for each command, Pippa’s humans will need to continue to practise her commands with her, using these signals so as not to confuse her. She is training well, even though Pippa may struggle a bit to learn new commands or take a little longer to understand what is expected of her, she will always give 100% effort into her training. Pippa is also an active girl who will need humans who are dedicated to ensuring that she gets lots of exercise and cuddles, and who will provide her with sufficient mental stimulation to keep her busy.


Pippa is deaf and will need a home which is able to accommodate her needs. Preferably her new home will have had previous experience with deaf pups/dogs and will understand the extra care needed to ensure she is able to live her life to the fullest. Pippa has learnt specific hand signals for each command, Pippa’s humans will need to continue to practise her commands with her, using these signals so as not to confuse her. She will need a home that will be able to give her the understanding and patience she needs to thrive.


Legal Disclaimer

Central Queensland Animal Society Inc is a registered Animal Rescue and we do so in accordance with the relevant legislation. BIN0005415666147

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CQASI Adoption Policy

All adoption enquiries must be submitted via our adoption form. Due to the high volume of animals on death row, our own families, and paid jobs, we endeavour to answer your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We encourage all adopters to meet their new addition before committing to adoption. This gives you a chance to see if the animal might be a good fit, and also to introduce them to your other animals. Just like we don’t expect all humans to get along, we expect the same for animals.

All our adoptions tend to be local, but we have connections all over QLD so are more than happy to consider all serious adoption enquiries. A house/yard check will be done if we can get a local member (if adoption enquiry is not Rockhampton based) to assist.

All our animals have a two week trial period. This gives your new addition time to settle into your family life and to give you a chance to ensure they are exactly what you want. If they are not settling in then we will arrange to take them back into care and you will be refunded the adoption fee. If after the two weeks they are exactly what you dreamed then we will send you all their paperwork including sterilisation certificate, vaccination certificate and microchip transfer form.

Please note that we will be treating any potential adoption with the upmost care as the animals safety and welfare is our number one priority.

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