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Deciding on a new pet can be a daunting but rewarding experience. To help us match our pets with the right home, we ask that you complete the enquiry form at the bottom of each listing.

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About Your Family

Letting us know about your family will allow us to match the right pet for you.
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About Your Home

Letting us know about your home will allow us to match the right pet for you.
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Please upload a picture of your licence, where your new pet will sleep, security screens and yard including all fencing.

The Agreement

Please keep in mind that majority of the animals we have in care have come from all kinds of situations and have sometimes suffered neglect, abuse, trauma or all of the above. We try so hard and invest so much time, effort, money and resources into every animal we have in our care. It is so incredibly important to us that these animals find stable and loving forever homes. These animals are alive not just because of CENTRAL QUEENSLAND ANIMAL SOCIETY INC, but because of the team effort of volunteers, transporters, donations and foster carers. We have a responsibility to give them the best chance at a happy life. Our enquiry form might seem intrusive to some but our animals well-being is paramount to us. All the information you have provided in this form will be kept in the strictest confidence and used only to support your application. Please select the options below to show you have read and understood them. One of our volunteers will be in contact after this form is submitted.
Do you consent to a house check being completed by one of our volunteers?(Required)
Are you prepared for the 10-15 year commitment a cat/dog requires?(Required)
Are you prepared to care for and provide the necessary veterinary care for your cat/dog if they become ill?(Required)
I understand that some pets come with a story. I will at all times keep these stories confidential and ensure that no slandering or bad publicity takes place.(Required)
The information I have provided to CQ ANIMAL SOCIETY INC is true and not misleading in any way.(Required)

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Legal Disclaimer

Central Queensland Animal Society Inc is a registered Animal Rescue and we do so in accordance with the relevant legislation.

CQASI Adoption Policy

All adoption enquiries must be done via our adotion form. Due to the high volume of animals on death row, our own familes, and paid jobs, we will endeavor to answer your enquiry as quickly as possible.

All our adoptions tend to be local, but we have connections all over QLD so are more than happy to consider all serious adoption enquiries. A house/yard check will be done if we can get a local member (if adoption enquiry is not Rockhampton based) to assist. Please note that we will be treating any potential adoption with the upmost care as the animals safety and welfare is our number one priority.

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