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Since 2017

Providing ethical care to animals of the Central Queensland region that need rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming

Our History

CQ Animal Society Inc (CQASI) started off as just two local gals in Rockhampton wanting to make a difference to the animals impounded at the Rockhampton Animal Management Centre. We became registered as an animal rescue group in 2019, but have been coordinating the safety of animals on death row, and in need, from the Central Queensland region since 2017.

Rescued Animals

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What Drives Us

Second chance doesn’t mean second best.

CQASI is not a shelter but is a small foster care based rescue in Rockhampton. Every single one of our animals is placed into a loving, caring environment while they receive their vet work to become adoption ready. We are run by very dedicated and passionate volunteers that work around the clock, mostly having to work in very short time frame due to the urgency of the pound system, to get these animals into loving lasting homes.


Not only do we take animals into our care for our own rescue organisation, we also provide short term care for other like minded rescue organisations that save animals from the Rockhampton region. Our aim is to also bring awareness and education to the Central Queensland area on the benefits of adoption vs buying, desexing to prevent unwanted litters, vaccinations and microchipping.

We also help rehome livestock, fowl and other small animals if we have the room and funds, and occasionally will help with assisted rehoming if the animal is desexed.

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Why Adopt?

There are many reasons to open your heart and home to an adopted pet, we’ve capped off the top 5 reasons we think adopting a pet from Central Queensland Animal Society Inc is world changing.

At CQASI we have a detailed application process to ensure we match you with the right pet and this process works! We pride ourselves on match-making our pets with their forever families.

You're helping break the cycle

One of the biggest reasons we see so many pets being displaced through no fault of their own is breeding. Breeding animals responsibly can be a rewarding experience, however we see far too many animals that are left without a home out in the world to continue breeding more unwanted animals. For this reason we firmly believe in desexing and microchipping all of our animals.

Your adoption fee goes back to the animals

All the animals in our care are microchipped, desexed, vaccinated and flea and worm treated before they are put up for adoption. All money donated to our organisation is put back into the animals care.

You're saving more than 1 animal

By adopting a pet from Central Queensland Animal Society Inc you are freeing up a space in our foster care network for another animal in need.

It's world changing

When you adopt – you are not only changing the world of your new pet, you are changing the world for yourself and the rest of the community. For you, by opening your heart and home to an adopted pet, you will receive love and loyalty beyond belief.

CQASI Adoption Policy

All adoption enquiries must be done via our adoption form. Due to the high volume of animals on death row, our own families, and paid jobs, we will endeavour to answer your enquiry as quickly as possible.

We encourage all adopters to meet their new addition before committing to adoption. This gives you a chance to see if the animal might be a good fit, and if a dog, to also introduce them to your other animals. Just like we don’t expect all humans to get along, we expect the same for animals.

All our adoptions tend to be local, but we have connections all over QLD so are more than happy to consider all serious adoption enquiries. A house/yard check will be done if we can get a local member (if adoption enquiry is not Rockhampton based) to assist.

All ourĀ animals have a two week trial period. This gives your new addition time to settle into your family life and to give you a chance to ensure they are exactly what you want. If they are not settling in then we will arrange to take them back into care and you will be refunded the adoption fee. If after the two weeks they are exactly what you dreamed then we will send you all their paperwork including sterilisation certificate, vaccination certificate and microchip transfer form.

Please note that we will be treating any potential adoption with the upmost care as the animals safety and welfare is our number one concern.

Some of our animals available for adoption

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