Second chance doesn't mean second best

Providing ethical care to animals of the Central Queensland region that need rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.


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Central Queensland Animal Society Inc (CQASI) was officially registered as a rescue group in 2019, but has been coordinating the safety of animals on death row from the Central Queensland area since 2017.

CQASI is not a shelter but is a small foster care based rescue in Rockhampton. Every single one of our animals is placed into a loving, caring environment while they receive their vet work to become adoption ready.

We are run by very dedicated volunteers that work around the clock in very short time frames due to the urgency of the pound system.

Not only do we take animals into our care, we also provide short term care for other rescues that save animals from the Rockhampton region. Our aim is to also bring awareness and education to the Central Queensland area on the benefits of adoption vs buying, desexing to prevent unwanted litters, vaccinations and microchipping.


What We Do

Rescuing Animals

CQASI advocates for animals of Central Queensland that find themselves needing a new home

desexing assistance

CQASI is in the process of setting up a ‘last litter’ program and assisting owners with the cost of desexing their pets

veterinary treatments

All animals are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and treated for worms and fleas

Finding A Home

While in care, our animals stay with Foster Carers waiting for their perfect new home

Every donation counts

At CQASI, no donation is too small. Although we charge adoption fees, they do not always cover the ongoing costs some of our animals require. We also accept donations for pet food, bedding, flea and worm treatment and anything our pets need in care.

Volunteer & Foster

We cannot do the work we do without our amazing volunteers. We need volunteers for a range of roles from assisting with events to helping out with advertising and transport. We also need foster carers in the Rockhampton region at all times so if you have been thinking about it, now is the time.

Happy Tails

Amazing stories of second chances for our wonderful animals

CQASI Samson

Our black cats’ good luck

Samson was a long term pet in our care and hit the jackpot recently! Phill and his family were looking for a very specific cat, black with green eyes, and we knew just the boy. Even though Samson was famously shy with strangers, we knew with the right people he would settle in and be a sweet and loving family pet. After a few weeks with Phill, Jess and kids Samson was officially adopted into their family and is now known as Lewis. After so long in care it is wonderful to see Samson enjoying life with his new family.

CQASi Horse Happy Ending

Saved from the knackery

Few weeks ago we listed a flea bitten grey Arabian gelding that was counting his days till he was headed for the knackery in SE QLD. With a huge thanks to Samantha, Gem and Angie he is now safe.

An update for those who have been asking. He travelled well for the 2 hour drive and is settling in well to his new home. ❤️

CQASI Happy Tails

A Jewel In The Ocean

Jewel was rescued from a SE QLD pound and by the looks of her body and a bit of a search into her history it looks like she has been subjected to being bred. Our President has the softest spot for Rottweilers and couldn’t bare to leave her.

With the help from our friends at Precious Paws Animal Rescue INC, we got her out, spayed and found an amazing home for her. She has now started living her best life and loves being a total babe at the beach. Our jewel in the ocean.